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At ARCG, we...

cover a broad range of sectors, including office, industrial/warehouse, retail, land, multifamily, hospitality, special-use properties and development projects.

provide innovative advisory services to property owners, tenants/operators and investors based upon the identification and alignment of strategic business, financial and operational objectives to enhance our client’s overall business performance. 

are distinguished by the in-depth knowledge and strategic problem-solving ability of our principal staff, who provide our clients the assurance that every transaction will result in a high level of added value and satisfaction.

Lease & Sale

ARCG’s Leasing & Sales team works closely with our clients to identify leasing and investment opportunities. We represent tenants, landlord, investors, property owners as well as developers for their commercial real estate needs. 


In view of today’s increasingly complex business ambience, ARCG’s team works closely with our clients to identify commercial real estate opportunities. With the best possibility in mind, we deliver seamless transaction experiences through strategic approach and up-to-date market knowledge to seize competitive advantage as well as the best-possible real estate result to each of our clients.

With deep understanding and knowledge of today’s commercial real estate market, ARCG strategically relies on a keen awareness of industry analytics and trends, we provide professional advisory to our clients in every perspective of commercial real estate projects through utilizing a core set of guiding principles targeting investments with low volatility and high returns, resulting in strong performance throughout the economic cycle.


In addition, ARCG is the development manager for each of our projects, providing consultancy and advisory services, and optimizing our existing network of relationships and resources to maximize the potential return on investment.

Consulting & Advising

With more than 30 years industry experience, ARCG’s construction team specializes in the building security system. Our services offer design, installation and integration of on premise and cloud based physical security solutions for property owners, space users. We serve both the government and the private sector.  Our service areas include:

Building Security

Access Control Systems

Closed Circuit Television

Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

Telephone Access/Entry Systems

 Intercom Systems

Outside Perimeter Security

Outside Parking Lot Control

On behalf of our private capital investors, ARCG constantly acquires and works on value-add and ground-up real estate development projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area. 


From inception to completion, our team is involved every step of the way: pre-construction planning, obtaining entitlements, budget development and execution, scheduling, contract procurement, and close-out.   Using unique methods of extracting value while simultaneously providing the highest standards of quality are the hallmarks of our construction team’s process. ARCGs investment and development, construction and marketing and sales teams remain fully-integrated throughout the entire life cycle of a project to ensure efficiency and synchrony.

Project Development

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